Become Magic

Intuitive Consult | Life Stylist

"I love working with Shani! I can count on her honesty, straightforwardness and 'no-holds-barred' mannerism in all she does. She is a heartfelt intuitive who might just kick your butt. Be careful what you ask for...she delivers!"

~ Char Ravelo, Executive Director, Leadership Kauai

"Shani has a soft bubbly personality, tremendous wit and humor that fuses with a razor sharp intuition. She is a powerful light to guide you out of the darkness."

~ Paul E. Harrison, Singer/Songwriter

"Shani is truly an intuitive who walks her talk and her honest, straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to working with you is delightfully refreshing. She is an incredible listener and guide...You will find yourself both laughing and crying (sometimes at the same time) when you work with Shani because she has an uncanny ability to help you see the truth with humor, love, and acceptance. If you are ready to experience your own magic, don't wait another minute to work with Shani. You won't be disappointed."

~ Nancy Miller, Founder of Conscious Romance, Relationship Coach & Matchmaker

"I met Shani purely through chance, but it was that chance meeting that profoundly benefitted my life. It was during an absolutely pivotal time for me and she deeply changed my life for the better. As my 'life stylist', she was my rock through that time, offering unending wisdom, support and extremely practical and applicable direction. I could not find guidance like her's anywhere else. We worked on everything, from the overall big picture to the tiniest most practical aspects of my life - the subtle caused the most dramatic changes. Thank you, Shani, you gave me EXACTLY what I needed, when I needed it. She is a life doctor. It is easy to see solutions to other people's problems, but my own were almost impossible to see and correct by myself. I rely on Shani to this day for clarity, perspective, and sage counsel. As for Shani herself… the most down to earth and brilliant woman…I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone and everyone." 

~ Faye Vierheilig, Acupuncturist

"Shani is truthful, straightforward, honest, brave, and so funny. Honoring your path and free will she delivers messages and guidance with love and deep respect. She brings you back in touch with who you really are. I am grateful and blessed to have her in my life."

~ Ivana Nesco, Counselor/Guide

"Shani is a real firecracker! My sessions with Shani have put me on a whole new track in life. Interestingly enough, the things that she told me in earlier sessions—those very things I thought were interesting but not immediately applicable—are now becoming manifest. Moreover, what I find even more fascinating is that the actions I’m taking now are all the very ones I wanted to do long ago but had forgotten about. If you are ready to make a change—or, at the very least, considering one—and ready to try a different approach, Shani is the one for you."

~ Kai Anderson, Writer/Editor

"I wholeheartedly recommend Shani as a life coach, because of my transformative experience working with her. Shani's style is real and raw, forcing you to dig deep within yourself to find the your inherent goodness and strength. She can help you find your true self for a happier life.”

Lyle F., Marketing Executive

"Shani has a natural talent to see what's really inside of you and she is an expert in supporting you to bring it out in your own unique way. Her profound discernment and fearlessness open up a gateway to your success that you might have held closed all your life."

~ Rita Harrison, German Naturopath & International Teacher

"Shani is a down to earth and real person I can relate to. I liked her instantly the first time I met her and now I also feel incredibly lucky to have her guidance and support. She helped me find a way to quiet the 'noise' in my head and encouraged me to take responsibility and 'walk my talk' to find my own peace. She has helped me find the path to my true self and I will be forever grateful."

~ Leah Gigante, Nurse

"I love Shani because she is straightforward, not sugar coating here! She is strong and bold yet, at the same time, very kind, loving and extremely funny. Your heart will beat with excitement after an encounter with this very stylish lady!"

~ Olivera Star, Women's Coach

"Shani is a heaven sent angel! Truly gifted with her intuition, she is able to relate life experiences and life lessons…on all levels. Her wonderful personality, charming sense of humor, honesty and AMAZING gift have allowed her to help me find the light at the end of a dark tunnel and clarity in chaos."

~ Lea R., Painter/Artist

"Shani has been able to combine intuition and practical information to help me clarify my plans in order to move forward to achieve my mission and goals."

~ Dr. David A. Vargas D.C., Natural Health Consultant

"How would you like to be guided so that you can remember the answers you are looking for? Having this understanding will move you forward in Life. This is what Shani did for me."

~ Al Diaz, Motivational Speaker, Author & Radio Host